Monday, August 27, 2012

Winning + Ranking = Relevance

The Dublin wind blows.  The Irish Sea flows.  Where Notre Dame Goes.  Only God knows.

Going into the Navy game, here's what we know:

-- Everett Golson will be the starting quarterback.  Let's hope that coach Brian Kelly shows a lot of emotion and confidence---hype this young lad.  Tell us that he will lead us to the Promised Land:  A top 10 ranking!  It's time that BK shows some wrinkles, some boasting, beat the drum.  Keerist, usually even his perspiration is perfect.

-- Speaking of Kelly speaking that he is concerned that Irish food, the real thing, is not Americanized for his young lads making the trip to Ireland.  Shut the Fuck up, Brian. 

-- The Shamrock Uniforms?  Well, if the Waste Management Corporation of America placed those helmets strategially along their assigned garbage dumps, even the vultures would fear to tread.

--  The stupidity of Cierre Wood (and Justin Utupo) now rivals that of messrs. Rees and Calabrese.

--  Notre Dame's Defensive Line is outstanding, Line Backing crew is up for the challenges ahead, and the Secondary is a work in progress with a big question mark.

--  The Irish Offensive Line, despite some injuries, is going to excell, Running Game should be excellent, as well as the Tight Ends.  The Wideouts need some sprinters, and, thank God, there now is one at QB.

--  The new additions to the coaching corps are super and, the team will move the ball down the field and on the ground with applause---if Kelly turns Chuck Martin loose.  Make no mistake.

--  The schedule is tough.  Five opponents in the top 25 nationally and then there are BYU and Miami.

--  The Navy game is going to tell us a lot about where the Irish will head--up or down.

And, yes we know that Irish food---with the exception of Soda Bread--can play havoc on your taste buds
and inner lining:  Shit storm over the Shamrock!  But, what the hell, what a wonderful country and hosts.

Notre Dame  31  Navy  7.

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Select E-Mail (Monina/South Bend:  Only you and ESPN noted Kelly's Irish gourmet gabble.  Weis was a slob, who would eat any table;  BK is a dilletante and a wine drinker.  Thanks for the item.