Thursday, September 06, 2012

Another Trek Down The Road To Glory

The Fighting Irish needed to win in Dublin, and they did. Convincingly!

We all know about the facts associated with the Notre Dame-Navy game.  Strong running game, adequate passing game, and worthy defense from the front seven.  Now about the secondary and kicking game.  Well, let's give them a Mulligan.  After all it was played on the Emerald Isle in a splendid gaelic stadium.
Standouts:  Manti, Ishaq, Tuitt, starting offensive line, Theo, GAtkinson, and Easy Ev Golson in a damn good first start.  The coaching was superb.

Don't beat the drums too loudly for the Purdue Boilermakers.  Navy can beat them (with a full complement of starters).  Yes, yes, of course, they have good players here and there, and a passing passing game.  But, so do Miami and Boston College.  Pitt probably does too (?).

Look, I think that Purdue thinks they can play with the Irish.  That kind of thinking is done through the rear end, because their heads know better.  Yes, PU will be up for the game, just not up for NDU.

As starters go, Notre Dame is loaded, especially when Davaris Daniels is in for John Goodman and Cierre Woods returns.  And, what to do with Amir and Cam?  "Here Come the Irish," indeed!

ND has a very good team and very good coaches---a winning combination.

They are now ranked 22nd and, barring injuries, will go much, much higher in the weeks ahead.

There's no need to handicap closely the roster and last weeks win over Eastern Somewhere Kentucky.
Purdue should be a morale and momentum builder for Notre Dame.  These guys won't let up, and we haven't yet seen what wreckage messrs. Eifert, Niklas, Nix, Calabrese, Slaughter, Brown, and Neal will cause the Boilermakers on both sides of the ball.

Notre Dame  45    Purdue 10

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Selected E-Mail:  John/Ohio:  Wow, your optimism is almost overwhelming, and you sell
Purdue too short.  Perhaps you would like to try again with a new outcome.

The Irish Brogue:  How's this---Our Lady's Lads 45  The BoilerRoomers 10.