Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Caution! Wolverine On Glory Road

Hello, Mr. Robinson.  Not so fast, Mr. Robinson.

If Notre Dame can corral Michigan's quick Denard Robinson---keep him from ducking, cutting, running hither and yon---the Fighting Irish will put another win in the column and a place in the Top 10.

Let him pass, but not on the run.  Messrs. Tuitt, Shembo, et all can contain the elusive QB.

The Wolverines aren't exactly a one-man team---but DR is the legs that makes this beast run.  NDs defense, especially the front seven, can do the job with some keen Diaco imagination and adjustments, if need be.

And, there is nothing about their defense that the Irish offense can't overwhelm.

It is time for Golson, Wood, Eifert, Daniels and GAtkinson to really shine---at home under the lights and a 3-0 record (The Irish Brogue is carrying the same numbers!).

The Irish secondary, young but talented, will be up to the task;  keep inserting Elijah Shumate into the fray (he's got future AA honors).

We know that UM will have to punt and we believe that this is the game when Davonte Neal takes off for the mother lode.

There is no need for a long, labored preview spiel about this game.  That my friends makes about as much sense as the Pope using Mormons--with black slacks/white shirts and backpacks, bikes and nametags--to set up Catholic missions in North Korea.

The Irish are moving along the Road to Glory and a Wolverine is in the way.  Roadkill!!

Notre Dame 30  Michigan 13 (2 field goals).

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