Saturday, October 06, 2012


Landfall is just a little after 7 PM.  Winds are picking up in speed.

The eye of the South Beach Hurricane is pointing directly at the Windy City they call Chicago.
No need to board up your windows, no need to run for cover.

Just know that there will be a declaration of an Irish State of Emergence!

The Lads need to start making a point to start scoring some points.  There is no better time than prime time and that time has come on this very night.

Everett Golson step-up or step aside, this is your chance, don't lose it.

Tyler Eifert, we understand you've been double teamed, but you're an AA for damn's sake, separate yourself already!

Cierre Wood, keep the swagging attitude and smile and bust some big ones up the middle.  Let's hope Coach Kelly figures you into the "Personnel Package."  Really Coach, seriously?!

Coach Martin, please show some energy to the play-calling, PLEASE!!!  Coach Kelly, give him the chance, PLEASE!!!!

Also, Coach, please let Chris Brown play more than one play a game, more than just the very first play of the game.  He could very well be your best, most dynamic reach out and grab 'em reciver you've got!  What is it, the "Personnel Package" again??

Also, has anybody else noticed that the Fighting Irish have a kicker that can boot 'em ito the endzone and out?! WOW, time for an Irish Blessing!!  We love ya baby!!  Brindza, Brindza, Brindza.......Keep nailing 'em Kyle!!!!

5-0, we love, absolutely love the sound and look of that, even if we are wondering about those Shamrock Series uniforms and helmets.  Hmmmm, we'll see if we love those too!!

5-0, no Hurricane winds, just good ol' fashioned IRISH brute force getting it done!!

Notre Dame 42   Miami  10

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