Friday, November 23, 2012


Fate is the hunter.

Destiny’s Darlings.

Eleven and zip.  C’mon, not for a moment did you think in August that Notre Dame would Be on the verge of a national championship in November,

Thirty to one odds that the Fighting Irish would win the Big Casino, so said
Las Vegas to kick-off this season.  So much for gambler’s guarantees!

The University of Southern California was the consensus choice to go all the way and trot off with the crown.  So much for Trojan horses!

And, here we are this weekend with ND and USC going in opposite directions
on the Road to Glory, but must clash nevertheless in Los Angeles.

The biggest game of the year for both teams, make no mistake.  Win and the Trojans regain respectability and momentum going into next season. Win and the Irish will probably play Alabama in a historic match for the title.

We believe that this match-up will be fought in the trenches on both sides of the ball.
The passing and running games should even out.  The Irish have no wimps in the trenches---Manti will leave this contest proudly.

The Kelly cadre of coaches will out-psyche and out-perform Kiffin and his band of mentors.

Thus, we believe that Notre Dame will edge Southern Cal, although we would like to see them clobber the men of Troy.

Go Irish!  Go onto Miami!

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