Thursday, November 15, 2012


Let’s face it, Notre Dame has played rather poorly, sloppy at best, in wins over Pittsburgh and Boston College.  Many would argue that Wake Forest, in South Bend this weekend, is the weakest team on the Fighting Irish schedule.

Not to worry, they say.  This is a game when the Irish get e big dose of style points and a wide margin on the scoreboard.  Thanks for nothing.  Don’t be too sure.

Brian Kelly’s boys have not performed well at home, and the Demon Deacons have a pretty good passing attack and a helluva lot of motivation.  Be wary.

The Irish need to come out stomping, starting with a good return.  It is time for George Atkinson to live up to the hype on kickoffs, as well as when he’s given the ball behind the line of scrimmage.  A sound and sustained running game is a must (time to fly Cierre).   By the way, we’ve long given up hope for a 10+ yard punt return.

Young Mr. Golson should prove, once and for all, that he can throw short, long, and mix up those passes with consistent accuracy.  Easy Ev should rush for 100 yards and at least one score.

Not only will the Deacons be at the ready, but USC’s Lane Kiffin will be watching to see if long-bomb coverage can be easily altered without Davaris Daniels going beyond 15 yards for a catch.  Chris Brown---your time has come.

We’re confident that Kelly and his cadre of coaches are not looking beyond Wake, with an eye toward sunny southern California.  Notre Dame needs a big, impressive win to convince the naysayers that they don’t just slip by their opponents, they beat the hell out of them!

The keys to victory are obvious:  (1) Make no turnovers  (2)  Cause Wake to make turnovers  (3)  Score TDs each time in the Red Zone. 

The Road to Glory is winding down for the surprising 10-0 Fighting Irish.  The Deacons should be a blimp not a bump.

Notre Dame over Wake Forest by a wide margin.

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