Thursday, October 18, 2012

ROAD TO GLORY: Tree Removed; Cougar Prowling

Despite word out of Utah, God does not live in Provo.

And, contrary to popular belief among the Irish faithful, BYU is a very good football team, and can, however not-so-easily, pull an upset over Notre Dame.

Forget about Oklahoma (for the time being), focus on the Cougars---as we’re sure Brian Kelly is. Ignore their record.

The Fighting Irish need to fashion an offense that excels in the ground game---not be grounded.  The lads from South Bend need to show slants and screens and play action passes---not sacks and scares and fumbles.

Unleash George Atkinson with both rushing and pass-catching opportunities.

Impress upon Ev Golson to stop dancing, pausing, prancing behind the line of scrimmage---throw that ball, and on target!!  Your time has come.

Come-on Mike Golic and Troy Niklas, you can do better than having your names called for the wrong reasons.

Yes, Notre Dame can beat BYU soundly, but the offense has to be primetime, playing consistently and worthy of a top five ranking.  Sometimes superb, sometimes sluggish; Sometimes artful, sometimes anemic.  No, this won’t cut it.

This game could be the turning point on The Road to Glory, despite being undefeated and playing in South Bend.  The Irish know damn well what awaits them in the stretch run, and a victory over BYU and 7-zip clears the road of a big obstacle.

We’re predicting a big win on the basis of an excellent week of practice, and planned innovations and adjustments by Kelly and his cadre.

Notre Dame  30     BYU  6

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