Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Even though Notre Dame is ranked higher than Oklahoma, the Sooners are a 10 point favorite to beat the Fighting Irish.

ND has upset OU is past matches going way back, but they are up against a tremendous W-L record at home under Coach Bob Stoops.

The Irish will have their first shock when they exit the tunnel onto the gridiron in Norman.  There will be a sea of red throughout the stands with a small blotch of green.

This is a tough venue.

It should be expected that inconsistent QB Landry Jones will go to the air early and long to test ND’s secondary and the ability of the defensive front seven to get by the stout and improving OU offensive line.

If Jones and company fail early, then the Lads from South Bend have a good shot at winning this game if their inconsistent offense rises to the challenge.

Most folks agree that over-all the offensive schemes of Kelly-Martin have been pretty anemic and easy to read.  It’s probably true.  Easy Ev Golson, back at the helm, needs to throw some screens, slants, and play action passes, and give Tyler Eifert an opportunity to catch the ball despite being covered. 

Messrs. Riddick and Wood must continue to run for daylight like they did againt BYU in the second half.  And, damn it, this is the game when GA111 should strut his stuff across the line of scrimmage and beyond, and also break a big one on kick-offs.

Send not to ask for whom the bells tollsBrian Kelly, it tolls for your charges on both sides of the ball.  Just think about it---the National Championship could be at stake.

Hell, the outcome of this game is too close to call, so we won’t.  Save your money for a whopping bet on the Breeder’s Cup (maybe GameOn Dude).

Notre Dame-Oklahoma:  Even.

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