Wednesday, October 10, 2012



The five-zip Fighting Irish have to feel pretty damn good about their undefeated football record on the college gridiron.

This is a very good football team and Notre Dame has every reason to be proud and, in some cases---lucky; such is an Irish tradition that started with Knute Rockne and has been little seen in the past several years.

Now, along comes Stanford with its daunting rush defense, porous pass defense,
Strong rushing game, and surprisingly good/not-so-good passing offense.
What to make of the Cardinal and its 4-1 record?

They are physical in the trenches, well-coached, and determined to knock off once again a Top Ten Team.  They have the where/with/all to do it.  But, they are not without flaws as Washington exposed.

To beat Tree huggers, the Fighting Irish task is simple:

  --Establish a solid run game early and often with messrs. Wood and Atkinson at the helm.

  --Long-distance strikes (hopefully one to Chris Brown finally) past Stanford’s slow-to-respond secondary.

  --Stop Mr. Taylor from getting past the line of scrimmage…or, barely getting by.

  --Prove that Mr. Nunes is no Andrew Luck and bury his body and/or his ability to get off a decent pass.

Also, a couple of things that could help in a victory:

  --Rush hard the punter and give Davonte Neal a chance to strut his stuff.

  --Teach the Irish punter, Mr. Turk, that long, well-placed punts are the norm.

This should be one helluva game with the players and ND fanbase happy at the end.

Notre Dame 27   Stanford  14  (we predicted 42-10 last week.  Not Bad).

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