Friday, November 02, 2012


Along came the Panthers, so goes the story---at least the 2012 version.

So long went Pittsburgh after a few hours on the Notre Dame gridiron.

That's how we see it going this Saturday.  And, the reason is simple:  Pitt isn't that bad;  the Fighting Irish are that good.

This is a special team that coach Brian Kelly and his cadre of assistants have developed,  now at 8-0,  with an attitude to match its ability and a fierce temperament to launch its talent.  These lads from South Bend are speeding down the Road to Glory---with tomorrow's "Pitt" stop  at home, then three more to go until they reach the promise land:  A major BCS bowl,  perhaps the Big Casino.

Not to worry,  the Irish aren't looking ahead to the last stop in sunny Southern California and a 12zip record.  This team is Destiny's Darlings and fate is the hunter.

This is a very good team, make no mistake, and they're getting even better:  look at Easy Ev Golson,
Mike Golic,  the defensive backfield, the play-calling on offense,  the quick-strike schemes at the line of scrimmage.

These guys are ready to play whomever it may concern.

And, now it's Pitt who must face the size, the strength, and speed of the Fighting Irish,

I can hear them now in the locker room,  like talking to a couple of virgins:  "Thanks for nothing!"

Notre Dame  43   Pitt  6

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