Saturday, November 10, 2012


Sorry we’re tardy---but, that wicked wind wrain witch, Sandy, left us in a wraft, and played havoc with our necessities!

Look, Boston College has won two games; what’s to worry?

Well, for openers, the Fighting Irish of past years could well have lost to such a team with such a record, and did.  Also, the Eagles have a good quarterback and a damn good wide receiver, a combination that has whipped Notre Dame in recent years.

So, you ask?

So nothing, my friends.

The Irish have had some brushes with near-losses this season and , against Pitt they played poorly for most of the game.  They found a way to win.  That’s what good teams do.

It will be cold in Boston and dark and damp outside the stadium.  Inside, ND will be hot (go to the bank with that forecast).

No need for an analysis.  The Fighting Irish caravan is in full chug on the Road to Glory.

Notre Dame:  40     Boston College: 7

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